The first goal of your employer’s insurance company is to make a large profit. Regardless of whether the insurance company believes your case or not, it is in their best financial interest to deny your claim. It costs little to deny you time and time again, which is why hiring an attorney is often the only way to ever receive any benefits at all.

Do you have questions about a recent workers’ compensation denial? Four common reasons why legitimate claims are denied are as follows:

  • The insurance company claims that the injury was entirely pre-existing, or that the new injury that occurred on the job was only caused because of a pre-existing injury.
  • The injury was not reported immediately the day it happened. While many injuries, such as repetitive motion injuries, occur over a long period of time, some employers and insurance companies get it in their minds that if an injury occurred, the first thing an employee would do is report it. This is often not the case. Many employees simply limp their way home or to the emergency room and do not report the injury until days or weeks later.
  • There were no witnesses to the injury
  • The workplace accident report is not confirmed by the medical record. In fact, any minor paperwork error can present itself as a great excuse for an insurance company to deny a claim.

Workers’ Compensation is Under Attack Across the U.S.

Workers’ compensation is becoming increasingly difficult to receive. Seriously injured workers are denied every day across the U.S. due to state reforms pushed by big business and insurance companies, both claiming that premiums and costs are rising out of control. In fact, according to ProPublica, employers are now paying their lowest premiums since the 1970s and insurance companies have been seeing their highest profits in decades. These reforms hurt everyday workers and the economy as a whole, making it harder for injured people to get back into the workforce.

Contact an Attorney at Once

If you have been denied workers’ compensation, contact an experienced attorney at once. In fact, we highly recommend contacting an attorney before you file for workers’ compensation. Because the rate of denial is so high, your chances of receiving benefits or the benefits that you deserve, are very low without the aid of an attorney at your side. Contact the experienced Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorneys at Lobaugh Law Firm today at (800) 375-3333.