When you get hurt on the job, your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is designed to protect employers from lawsuits and protect workers from having to absorb the financial hit that comes with medical bills and lost wages from missing work. Sometimes injuries are easy to pinpoint, as they are the direct result of an incident that happened at work. Other times it may be a disease that results in exposure to a certain substance or environment over a long period of time.

A lot of the workers’ compensation claims fall into the category of single event claims, which is basically an injury that occurs as a result of one incident. When people think of what qualifies for workers’ compensation, this is typically the kind of claim that they think about. But there are many kinds of incidents that can fall into this category. It is important to know what qualifies for workers’ compensation and what kind of claim to submit. That’s where we can help.  At Lobaugh Law, we have over 30 years of experience in employment law. Our mission is to fight for the rights of the working man. Over the years we have handled all kinds of workers’ compensation claims. Here are some of the single event claims we can help you file.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are injured in a collision while on the road for work, this is often treated as a single event workers’ compensation claim. These claims are common with delivery truck drivers and other employees who spend a large part of their job on the road.


If you get injured as the result of a fall at your workplace, this single event should be covered under workers’ compensation. The fall doesn’t have to be the result of negligence on the part of the employer. If an employee falls and hurts himself while doing his job, that employee is covered by workers’ compensation.

Equipment and Machinery Injuries

Many people deal with heavy machinery and operate dangerous equipment at work. If an accident occurs while working with this machinery or equipment and it results in an injury, this can be a single event claim.

Explosions and Chemical Spills

Some jobs require working with unstable materials such as explosives and dangerous chemicals. And while exposure to such substances over a long period of time can cause health issues, that wouldn’t fall under the category of a single event claim. But if there is a spill or an explosion, this one incident could cause overexposure to a substance, causing burns or other health problems. If a chemical simply splashes on your skin and causes a burn, this can be a single event claim covered by workers’ compensation.


In some cases, a single event at work can cause post traumatic stress disorder. While this isn’t something that is typically considered as a workers’ compensation claim, there are incidents that definitely qualify.

This is not a comprehensive list of single event claims when it comes to workers’ compensation. If you have been injured on the job, let us help you get all of the compensation that you deserve. From filing a claim on time all the way through to the recovery process and missed wages, Lobaugh Law can give you the one on one attention that you need.

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