Single vehicle accidents occur more frequently than many people realize. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System of the United States Department of Transportation, 48% of all fatal accidents were involved in single-vehicle crashes for drivers age 16 to 24, and more than 40% for drivers age 25 to 59.

Since single vehicle accidents, by definition, do not involve other vehicles, many injuries parties or families of fatally wounded drivers do not investigate possible negligence of other potentially liable entities. In the aftermath of a single car accident, before speaking with anyone else (I.e. insurance companies, claims adjusters, etc.) make your first call to the poised accident attorneys at Lobaugh.

Whether the injury victim sustains, internal wounds, broken bones, or minor contusions, single vehicle accidents can be just as damaging as multiple vehicle collisions. The same detailed analysis of the facts of the case should go into your single vehicle accident as when another collided with yours. When you speak with one of Lobaugh Law’s seasoned attorneys and we agree to represent your case, our team will begin an investigation into the negligence that may have caused your accident.

Here are a few common types of negligence that have been known to cause single vehicle injury accidents. We will walk through each with you in your consultation.

Auto Manufacturer Defects

When automobile manufacturers allow products into the marketplace that are defective, it can have dangerous implications on the roadways. Whether you suspect something went wrong with the internal workings of your vehicle or there is a known recall for certain parts in the vehicle you drive, speak with a Lobaugh Law attorney to find out if you have reason to pursue damages from your auto manufacturer.

Poor Road Maintenance

The majority of single-vehicle accidents that occur as “run-off-road” (ROR) crashes happen on single-lane rural roads and on major curves.  If insufficient signage, poor road maintenance, or construction hazards were part of the cause of your accident, the agencies and entities responsible for oversight, design, and caution signage, may be responsible. Poor road maintenance may be another negligent cause.

Other Reckless Or Inattentive Drivers

Sometimes a single vehicle accident was caused as the driver tries to avoid another vehicle.  When drivers text and drive, are possible inebriated, or a simple driving recklessly, the result may be an injury accident of another driver.  If your single car accident may have been caused by the negligence of another driver, talk with Lobaugh Law Firm to find out how we can pursue damages.

There is a multiplicity of other potential causes of single vehicle accidents. The key is to make sure you and don’t try to go it alone.  Enlist the advocacy of an attorney that cares about you and your family and knows how to do something about it today.

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