Oklahoma’s Disability Determination Services (DDS)

When you first file your application for Social Security Disability here in Oklahoma, we can help you ensure that you understand the technical requirements for eligibility for the benefits you are requesting. This first application will go to Oklahoma’s Disability Determination Services (DDS), which is in alignment under the United States Department of Rehabilitative Services.

The DDS will be responsible for looking through your application and making sure you meet income limits, work requirements and that your medical situation is verified. At this point, based on the case you presented in your application, the DDS will either approve or deny your application.  If approved, you will be eligible to start receiving the disability benefits you requested.

The Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Upon filing your initial claim for Social Security Disability, your local office will determine your non-medical eligibility. This may include details such as your age, employment, marital status, or Social Security coverage information. After it has been determined that you meet the non-medical requirements, your case will then be sent to the Disability Determination Service for further evaluation.

Less than 1/3 of applications are approved. This is why it is important to involve a proficient Social Security Disability attorney as your advocate through the entire process, but especially if you need to file for an appeal.

For the last 30 years, Lobaugh Law Firm have helped clients through the complicated and nuanced rigors of working with government agencies towards the desired end.  Let us help you or your loved one file a well-prepared appeal for your Social Security Disabilities request.

Request For Reconsideration

The truth is the SSDI appeals process can be nuanced and lengthy for any applicant. Our Oklahoma SSDI attorneys can help you file what’s called a Request for Reconsideration. Less than 1 in 5 of SSDI appeals are approved at this stage. The stronger you can make your case, the better.  Still, if you are not approved at this stage, your journey’s not quite over.

Administrative Law Judge Hearing

After a Request of Reconsideration is denied, we will help you petition for an administrative law judge hearing.  Our goal is to leverage all of the opportunities we can to try and help you and your family obtain any Social Security Disability Benefits that you could be appropriately entitled to.

Those who represent themselves at ODAR hearings often unwittingly frustrate the very people they are trying to win over. Historically, having an attorney represent you in this stage increases your chances of approval.

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